Employee engagement and internal communications

Employee engagement and internal communications

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An appreciation of the role of internal communications has lagged in the past, but in today’s more heavily regulated and hyperconnected world of financial services, internal communications has a growing role to play in aligning the business around common purpose. This is reflected in results from our survey, where more than half of respondants indicated that communications directed at employees account for up to 30% of all internal communications. 

“I’m a big believer in brands,” says Richard Levy, marketing director for Moneygram in Europe. “You’ve got the customer brand and then you’ve got the internal brand and the two should be related.” He believes that the positive and supportive messaging that an financial services business conveys to its customers should be reflected in the way it treats its own employees, in particular how it strives to support employees along their career development paths. As such, Levy believes internal communications should be considered an essential tool for businesses seeking to attract and retain their best talent.

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