How technical do digital marketers need to be?

How technical do digital marketers need to be?

Ian Jenkins Market Insight

There’s no question that creative marketing people need to be mindful of the capabilities of today’s technology in order to fulfil their own evolving roles. But equally, there is currently no AI substitute for the creative marketing professional in developing and optimising social content that engages and initiates customers on their purchase journeys.

That said, AI is here to stay and its impact and integration into customer lives and expectations can only grow. The emerging challenge of AI as a competitive tool in marketing also brings an absolute requirement for advanced digital technology skills across the marketing function.

One emphatic finding from the survey is the extent to which respondents agree that technology is at the core of their marketing and comms strategy. More than three-quarters (76%) of those in our sample now consider it crucial, with another 17% saying it makes their strategy far easier. Interestingly, there were no respondents who felt technology creates a barrier to face-to-face interaction that might benefit the business. One respondent warned, however, that when considering how to execute a strategy, technology needs to be deployed judiciously “so it generates a conversation and a dialogue.”

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