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Specialist Recruitment - Pharma & Life Sciences
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Throughout the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries we recruit contingent, retained and project-driven candidates from GCC countries and further afield.

The META team based in Dubai have a specialist team focused entirely on the recruitment of mid, senior and C- level positions within the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector.

We deliver both contingent, retained and project driven solutions depending on the nature of the search and the client needs.

We can tailor our offering based on our client requirements and can include confidential searches, recruitment of GCC nationals, market insights and talent benchmarking. With further sector growth expected in the coming years, the need for talent will remain high and competitive, especially across marketing, sales and commercial positions.

The Life Science Practice at Carter Murray has a reach spread across 11 global offices, which allows the team to source the best in class talent for our clients in the region.     

our global clients

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    Allergan plc, is a specialty pharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in the development, m...

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    Cochlear Limited provides implantable hearing solutions.


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Meet our Pharma & Life Sciences recruitment team