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Specialist Recruitment - FinTech & Financial Services
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Asset and wealth management, insurance, banking, private equity and FinTech all require a particular skillset. We uncover the candidates that match up.

The McKinsey Institute estimates that financial services will be a $17.5 trillion global industry in 2018. On top of established financial services CB Insights has investment in FinTech and InsurTech set to rise 19% on 2016's record year.

Our consultants work across banking, insurance, private equity and asset & wealth management to understand firms’ specific requirements and source top quality talent. Within FinTech, our team are genuine experts and have arranged round tables for VC firms and partnered with FinTech accelerators. Our consultants have worked with start-ups, established FinTech players and incumbent Financial Institutions to find them the talent they need to grow.

The team has a strong focus on marketing, digital, communications, sales and IR, and with offices across the world Carter Murray specialises in sourcing international talent where necessary.  

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Meet our Financial Services recruitment team